Stephanie Roessler Garden Picture

The Volunteer with the Green Thumb


Stephanie Roessler has been volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House since 2010 when her friend told her she should volunteer there.

“She had wonderful stories to share about RMH and the work she did for them sounded like it would fit for me also. I like the variety of tasks; I like the people I get to work with, the guests that I get to know and the staff at RMH are wonderful.”

Whenever she volunteers at the House, Stephanie says feels welcomed, appreciated and blessed. “Many times families I just pass in the kitchen or hall way will say ‘Thank You.'”

Stephanie’s main project for the past few months is revamping the House’s Family Garden. “I really enjoy gardening, vegetables and flowers. I am always amazed at the growth of a new flower or when I spot a tiny cucumber that within days grows to 6″ long and then I get to eat it! In my mind it is like tiny little miracles. I think it’s also important for children to learn where our food comes from and why we need to take care of the earth.”

Originally, the garden was in wood containers; Stephanie suggested metal ones for durability and accessibility. She also suggested the gravel for people to walk on and what flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables should be planted.

“One day while I was working in the garden, I noticed a hospital employee nearby, she told me that on nice days during her break she walks over to look at the garden. What a wonderful compliment! I am just happy that people enjoy the garden for all it’s great benefits!”