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With a house full of kiddos, we get many burning questions about our Resident Chief Love and Comfort Officer, Chief. “Where does Chief go at night time?” “Can I come to see Chief before I go to sleep” “Is he here on the weekends?” “Who feeds him and gives him toys?” The list of Chief questions are endless. The answer to most of these questions involves one extraordinary staff member that is not Chief; it’s his mom, Lauri Adams, Chief Operating Officer!  Today we will answer some of the most asked questions and give you  a little insight on all things Chief.

“Where does he go at night time?” Well, the simple answer to this question is he goes home. When Chief is

Chief and Sebastian

Chief hard at work!

at RMHFW, he is working. So when his workday is over, he heads home with his mom. Lauri brings Chief to work with her every day, and he goes home with her every night. While Chief is working at the Ronald McDonald House, he has a very special setup in Lauri’s office. It’s equipped with two beds, toys, water and his favorite ball. He walks to the playground and around the House and even plays fetch with some of the kids. Most recently, he played fetch with Benny and his toy car! Benny would let the car go down the hallway, and Chief would bring it back to him. They could’ve done that all day. Chief truly loves all the families he meets and is always eager to play.

“Is Chief here on the weekends?” Chief is not here on the weekends. He is at his house playing with his bros

Mac, Chief and Romeo

Chief with his bros!

Mac and Romeo. When he isn’t playing with them, he loves to play fetch, go on walks and get all the treats! He is also known to lay around and take naps. He is a very active pup, so naps are a MUST! Just like in the office, he has a special place at home, ANYWHERE! He is the chief. Chief and Lauri’s bond is evident in all of the pictures she takes while they are home.  One of our favorites is Mac and Chief sitting on the back porch together, enjoying a sunny afternoon. We knew Lauri would be the perfect mom to Chief after being such a great mom to Mac.

“Who feeds him and gives him toys?” We are so lucky to have Hollywood Feed sponsor all of Chief’s food and treats. Lauri feeds Chief while they are home, and he gets treats when he is at RMHFW. Lauri likes to incentivize Chief with treats when we are taking pictures. You would be amazed at what good knuckles he can give you when he knows a treat is waiting inside the palm of your hand. As far as toys go, Chief is very picky. Lauri knows just the ones to get for him, a good rubber ball! One time Lauri stepped out of her office to help a family and came back to her office to find Chief had her wireless computer mouse in his bed! It looked too much like his ball, and he just couldn’t resist.

Lauri and Benny

Lauri helping Benny pet Chief

You can see the overall theme here is Lauri. Lauri is a fabulous dog mom to our sweet boys (Chief and Mac). Since Chief arrived at the Ronald McDonald House, she has never spent a night away from him but will be soon. Lauri’s daughter is getting married this summer, and just like us, she had to find someone to watch her pups. Our outstanding longtime volunteer, Rene, has puppy sit Mac for years, so Lauri knew it would be the perfect fit. Like any good dog mom, she took Chief for a test run one afternoon. Mrs. Rene has a pool, and sweet Chief has never been around a body of water before and walked straight into it. While his Labrador instincts kicked in and he swam to the top, Lauri was ready to jump in and save him. That is just one of the times she has put Chief and his wellness above her own. She is the sweetest mom we could ever dream for our boy. From the puppy stage to training and now being a working dog, Lauri has been there for every step, every vet appointment and every ball thrown. Thank you, Lauri, for your dedication. Chief is lucky to have you.