Keller Williams employees smiling in front of moving van with Wishlist donation items.

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RED Day’s Impact on our House

Keller Williams Realty’s RED Day: What is it?

Thousands of employees from Keller Williams Realty (KW) stepped away from selling homes last Thursday, May 11, to celebrate the company’s annual RED Day. RED Day, as described on the Keller Williams website, stands for Renew, Energize and Donate. It has occurred every year since 2009 on the second Thursday of May to allow the company to spend the day out in the community serving others. As an employee said, “RED Day is just another example of our commitment to each other and to the cities and towns where we live and work.”


This year, Keller Williams Realty of Fort Worth decided to honor our House as their RED day project. The company has an in-House culture committee, which choses the organization to support. For example, they have landscaped a school’s playground and flowerbeds.  Whatever the project may be, the committee then develops a plan of how they want KW employees to help the organization.

In our case, they decided they wanted to make their RED Day last longer than just one day. The committee came up with a plan to impact our House throughout the year! The cultural committee chose three different ways KW would give back through our various sponsorship options (visit for full list).

They decided their employees would participate in preparing two hot meals for our families through our Meals from the Heart program, collecting household items and supplies from our #WishlistWednesdays to donate, and fundraising over $5,000 to sponsor five rooms through our Essentials Club.

Meals from the Heart

On Thursday morning, there was about fifteen red t-shirts floating around the kitchen. For breakfast, they made our families two different kinds of breakfast burritos, pancakes, fresh fruit and sausage. It was hearty! During the afternoon, fifteen more red shirts found their way into our House with Papa Murphy’s Pizza. If you did not already guess, this lunch was an extreme success!

Keller Williams employee cooking sausage in the kitchen for our families for breakfast. Keller Williams employees slicing pizza for lunch.

Wishlist Donation

After lunch was served, the company delivered their Wishlist items to the House. This was a collection of individually-packed snacks, toilet paper, paper towels and more that they had gathered over the course of the month. Little did we know, the donation would arrive in a GIANT moving truck. It was unbelievable how many items they had gathered. The items provided will help support our families.

Keller Williams Employees in front of moving van with supplies for the Ronald McDonald House of Fort WorthKeller Williams employee with Wishlist items for our families.


Essentials Club

For the entire month of May, KW gave their employees, partners, family members and friends the opportunity to donate money to our Essentials Club, which is a yearlong sponsorship of a room. The funds help provide electricity, water and other household needs for our families. They have already reached over $5,000 and plan to have more by the end of the month. This sponsorship gives five of our 57 rooms full power to run for the next year. Amazing!

Keller Williams employees presenting Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth with check for Essentials Club.Keller Williams employees smiling in front of our hearts wall.

Thank you Keller Williams Realty

It goes without saying that our day with Keller Williams Realty was quite exciting. There seemed to be a positive “RED” energy in the House from dusk to dawn. The employees were all so kind to our families, volunteers and staff; engaging in conversations and personal interactions. Some employees had never been here before, so for them, it was an awesome experience to serve and tour the House. When we asked one employee how this day has impacted her she said, “I myself have a daughter in and out of Cooks Children. I couldn’t imagine not living in the area and trying to figure out accommodations on top of her medical treatments. It is truly great what the Ronald McDonald House provides for the families. It provides that home.”

Thank you Keller Williams Realty of Fort Worth for choosing to positively impact our House. Your donations and warm smiles gave our families the comfort and security they needed during their childrens’ treatments. We loved sharing the day with you and hope we will see you again before RED Day 2018.


Photo Credit by Damian Marks, Communications Director at Keller Williams Realty of Fort Worth.