Ollie's Story - Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth

Ollie’s Story

In January 2022, Oliver was diagnosed with acute aplastic anemia. On February 8, Oliver and his mom arrived at RMHFW. Since his diagnosis, Oliver has received tremendous support from his family, that has been helping out from Texas all the way to Ft. Benning, GA. Through the House, Oliver, His mom, Amanda, and all those who support him have had a helping hand in his journey of receiving treatment and care.

Oliver, better known as “Ollie,” came to Fort Worth from Abilene, TX, to receive a full bone marrow transplant at Cook Children’s Hospital. His donor happened to be his 4-year-old little sister, Avery. Ollie was facing an “uphill battle,” but his mom was facing a battle of her own. She would soon have to leave RMHFW to deliver Ollie’s newest little sister. At the House, we do everything we can to keep families together, and that is exactly what happened for Ollie and his family.

Ollie reunited with his mom after 44 days.

Traveling 770 miles was no feat for Ollie’s uncle TJ. He traveled from Ft. Benning, GA, to Fort Worth, TX, to step in as Ollie’s temporary caretaker. Overall, TJ stayed with Ollie for just over seven weeks. When talking to TJ about his stay here, he said, “The hospitality put on by the RMHFW was spectacular. Through his diagnosis, transplant, and recovery, the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth gave us a safe home-away-from-home.”

“TJ stayed with Ollie for just over seven weeks.”

RMHFW made it extremely easy for Amanda to get TJ to Texas and checked in so he could temporarily reside with Ollie in the House. The transition was “seamless,” and he was “welcomed with a smile.” The community kitchen, play area, and common spaces allowed their stay at the House to feel less monotonous. When asked about the family’s stay at the House, Ollie’s mom said, “It was great! Accommodating: exactly what I expected from the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth. RMHFW is an exceptional place, and I pray that they can continue to help families, who like myself and Ollie, are far from home and need a place to stay while receiving medical care from Cook Children’s,” says TJ. Ollie’s mom was reunited with him when she checked back into the House on June 8. After 129 nights, Ollie and his mom checked out on June 17. We are so grateful for the time families spend at the House and the support we provide for them.


-Written By: Camille Downing