The room becomes a family's home while staying at the House

With close to a thousand families staying at the Ronald McDonald House each year, the bedrooms undergo a lot of traffic and cleanings. By becoming a bedroom linen sponsor, your gift will be used to purchase new linens (bed sheets, comforters, shower curtain, towels) for a room when they need to be replaced. Your gift of $1,000 translates to a clean, fresh and inviting place for the families to rest their head each night. Your name will be displayed outside the bedroom during the year.

Bedroom Linens sponsorships are SOLD OUT for 2019! Thank you to The O’Banion Family for being our 2019 Bedroom Linens sponsor.

In an effort to help cover our costs of water, electricity and other essentials, plus compensate for the reduced number of families able to pay for their stays, the Essentials Club was formed in 2013. This sponsorship helps to cover the costs associated with the lodging in one particular room, just as the Bedroom Linens sponsorship does.

With your Essentials Club Sponsorship, a sign will be placed in the room with your sponsorship information for a year.

Essentials Club Sponsorships are $1,000 each.