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Meals from the Heart

A healthy meal is a key ingredient to helping families stay strong

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Meal Sponsorship Program

Total Meals Impact 2022

385 Meals provided by meal groups and sponsors

Volunteer Guidelines

Our current Meal Volunteer requirements are:

  • Maximum number of volunteers is ten (12)
  • Minimum age of 14

How do you measure the comfort a meal provides? We measure it by the cupful!

Cups of Comfort Sponsorship LevelsThe kitchen is the heart of our House! We promise our families at least one hot meal a day and have remained committed to this promise through the pandemic. At RMHFW, we feel that providing meals is a way for families to rest and recharge to help them push through their days and stay strong for their children.

Fill out the meals inquiry form below, and our Volunteer Services Manager will contact you. You can also make a donation to support our meals program.

Meals Inquiry Form

We are interested in hearing from you! Please complete the form below, and I will be in contact with you to learn more about your interest.


Tonja Sparks, tonja.sparks@rmhfw.org

Volunteer Services Manager

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