Chief has the best job at the House.

I’m Chief, the Love and Comfort Officer at the RMHFW.

I am a non-shedding Australian Labradoodle born in Indiana June 5, 2019. My mom and dad are Joy and Rocky from Meadow Park Labradoodles & Labradors. Ultimate Canine trained me to be an awesome therapy dog and after many months of training, I arrived in Fort Worth on December 3 ready to start work!

I come to work every day at the House just like my co-workers and I live with Mac. He’s a great adopted big brother and I’m learning many wonderful things from him. I am learning how to give love and comfort to anyone who needs it. I especially love belly rubs and back scratches!

You can follow my Instagram feed, @chiefrmhfw, to see what I’ve been up to.

Mac and Chief, house dogs


The support of Chief is provided by:

R4 Foundation









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4 Paws and A Tail


If you are interested in helping to underwrite the costs associated with Chief’s health and well-being, please contact Angie Gallaway via email or phone, 817.820.8988.