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2020 Campaign

Supporting the Share-A-Night Program

Our signature events may have been placed on hold for 2020, but RMHFW continues to serve families at their most critical time. We are focused on hope and know that the future is bright. You can participate in the Star Light, Star Bright campaign in multiple ways.

Goal = $100,000

We all have wishes. Won’t you help ours come true for 2020?

Star light, Star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish, I may
I wish, I might
Have the wish I wish tonight.

Big Ticket Raffle

  • Kawasaki Mule – value $15,399 – odds 1:300
    • Pro-FXT EPS
  • Gucci handbag – value $2,100 – odds 1:200
    • Ophidia shoulder bag
    • coveted style is defined by small Double G details
  • Gulf Coast Beach Getaway – value $2,000 – odds 1:200
    • 3-night getaway
    • beach access along Alabama or Florida Gulf Coast
  • Oct. 26 – Nov. 12 – tickets $100 each
  • Drawing Nov. 13

Our 2020 Star Light, Star Bright campaign is comprised of three fundraising activities. In September, we participated in North Texas Giving Day, and thanks to our wonderful donors, more than $35,000 was raised. In October, we hosted a silent auction, which again, thanks to many terrific supporters, more than $24,000 was raised. Our campaign will culminate on November 13 with a drawing for each of the three prizes: Kawasaki Mule, Gucci Handbag and Gulf Coast Beach Getaway.